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Entry #1

Well hello there!

2011-08-01 20:42:57 by SeventhTower

Totally new to this New Grounds thing. Became a member last night and, a few minutes ago, finally received a message saying I've been invited to the Art Portal. And I had no idea what that was going into this. . . haha. But, seeing how I have gotten myself situated a little more in place, I'd like to say HELLO! And I hope you enjoy my work! They'll be WAY more additions to come!

Enjoy and Destroy,
- F. D. Duarte


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2011-08-02 14:50:15

Let me be the first here to say your artwork is amazing. Your ink drawings and album covers really inspire me, keep it up!

SeventhTower responds:

Thank you thank you! :D
I'm sure that's why a lot of us come here: for the inspiration! I know I'll see a few pieces on here that'll make me work that much harder! Which is pretty awesome. It's great to have something to make us want to better our skillz.
Thanks for stopping by on my little corner of the NG world!

And for being the first one to comment on my first post:
So if ya tell me your favorite musician from any genre of music (metal, rap, country etc) I'll gladly paint that up for ya!