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How I handle requests and the like.

2011-08-02 19:54:18 by SeventhTower


About 20% of my work is consisted of personal request I get from friends. I love to do something for my amigos, and never hesitate to make something for them. BUT the only time I ever take personal requests are when I ask for them. I usually ask what people would like to see in a certain series and choose the ones I think are pretty awesome, and make them that way. An example of this would be my Pokemon Pocket Monsters Series. I asked a bunch of friends which Pokemon they'd like to see me paint and the best 3 were done in their subsequent series. Another way I take requests are if I openly ask for anyone to participate and have their idea done. And an example of that would be my Musician Portraits Series. I posted an open invitation to anyone to tell me their favorite musician in any genre and I'd paint them for them. So generally, as you can tell, when I open my shop for requests they regard a certain theme.

Now where would you go to find my posts to know when I'm taking requests? That can only really be seen on my personal Facebook account really. No where else. To save myself from hundreds of responses I limit myself to that single account. That way I wont be here for the next 10 years doing a single series! Ha-ha!

In summation, if any of you out there would like a personal piece done for me the chances of me doing them are slim. (unless you are a paying customer, but that's a whole different ball-game) Although I would love to do them for you, I have a ton of work I have already and which will most certainly fill up my future schedule.
But alas! all hope is not lost! Maybe someday I'll post up something here asking for free requests?! Who knows?? ;D

Forever and One,
- F. D. Duarte

P.S. - These NG emoticons are fucking awesome!


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2011-08-04 21:50:34

:) I would like to make a personal piece for you and it should be a big honor for me.


2011-08-04 21:52:09

Could it be music? I'm extremely good with composing music. XD

SeventhTower responds:

:O Sure! I'm a huge music buff! that'd be pretty sweet!


2011-08-04 22:14:09

You have some good pieces in your gallery. Cheers ^^

SeventhTower responds:

Thank you thank you! :D


2011-08-04 23:12:15


SeventhTower responds:

If you got a classical bone in ya, I'd like to hear something like that! :D