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2012-03-19 04:36:32 by SeventhTower

Well howdy there, young trail hands!
Warm weather we're havin round these parts, huh? I reckon that calls for a storm pretty soon. Aye.

Before you travel on, hunker down and let me tell ya what's goin on at the Seventh Tower out there in Dark Lands. Rumor has it, and a tight grip it has, that strange sorcery is brewin in that evil place. They even got about to filming all their evil cantations and witchcraft they perform. Guess them sum bitches proud of themselves so much they gone and decided they want to show EVERYONE how bad dreams are made.
You want to see these vid-yas?
Well, alright youngin, but don't say this old timer didn't tell ya so.
Seventh Tower Youtube Channel is where the evil is.

Into the things that go bump in the night, are yee? Aye, why else would you go looking for Satan his self in them films?
Say, if you're interested in that I'd reckon you'd might take a likin to this other news I have from those sinister parts of the world. Word around the desert is that the lord of the Tower has captured the mind of a Writer and is drawing up the vilest of creations to unleash on mankind. I say true! Don't look at me so. I may be old, but I ain't senile. Stories go that they're even making "issues" out of em. You'd like to read em, you say? I suppose I have them with me. Stories bout some kinda "IT". . .
Issue #1
Issue #2

When you're done shaking in your boots make sure ya burn those retched things. I hear they scream in the fires, but it ain't worse than what they do to your dreams.

One last thing before ya go, cowboy. This might be the most important, too. You ever hear of an "Evil for Hire"? Well, some say that if your will is strong enough and you can afford the high price of your soul, you can hire the evil that lives at that there tower. Many a man has gone that way searching for help and has come back white haired and screaming forever. What I hear of the ritual is that all you have to do is send them a "message" or something called an "email". And no signal for them goes unnoticed. They always reply. And they always get what they want. Is that why you seek it? . . . No answer, ey? I guess I didn't really expect one. Yar.
Go on, then. Sun's going down. Best we go our separate ways.

Long days, and pleasant nights.
But when you stare eye to eye with the mad dog a the top of that winding stair, just remember: I dun told ya so.


2012-02-24 00:57:58 by SeventhTower

Seventh Tower is proud to announce the development of a full scale comic book adaption of Stephen King's epic "IT". You know? The one about the clown. The first 3 issues are already completed and the first one has just been put up online for anyone interested!

The first issue can be seen on our Facebook page:

Here's artwork from issue #1:


I've started recording and putting out some videos of my newest projects. Take a look on the Youtube and subscribe if you're into that kinda stuff.
Check out the latest vid of the Sons of Northern Anarchy piece I have up!

Making Speed Drawing Videos! WOO!


About 20% of my work is consisted of personal request I get from friends. I love to do something for my amigos, and never hesitate to make something for them. BUT the only time I ever take personal requests are when I ask for them. I usually ask what people would like to see in a certain series and choose the ones I think are pretty awesome, and make them that way. An example of this would be my Pokemon Pocket Monsters Series. I asked a bunch of friends which Pokemon they'd like to see me paint and the best 3 were done in their subsequent series. Another way I take requests are if I openly ask for anyone to participate and have their idea done. And an example of that would be my Musician Portraits Series. I posted an open invitation to anyone to tell me their favorite musician in any genre and I'd paint them for them. So generally, as you can tell, when I open my shop for requests they regard a certain theme.

Now where would you go to find my posts to know when I'm taking requests? That can only really be seen on my personal Facebook account really. No where else. To save myself from hundreds of responses I limit myself to that single account. That way I wont be here for the next 10 years doing a single series! Ha-ha!

In summation, if any of you out there would like a personal piece done for me the chances of me doing them are slim. (unless you are a paying customer, but that's a whole different ball-game) Although I would love to do them for you, I have a ton of work I have already and which will most certainly fill up my future schedule.
But alas! all hope is not lost! Maybe someday I'll post up something here asking for free requests?! Who knows?? ;D

Forever and One,
- F. D. Duarte

P.S. - These NG emoticons are fucking awesome!

There has to be some other way???

2011-08-02 17:20:27 by SeventhTower

Hello out there in NG land!
I was wondering if there was something that lets you know if you get a review on a piece of art or a comment on a post??? I would love to respond to everyone, even if its negative, but I really don't want to go through the hassle of checking out everyone one of my pieces to see if anything new is on it. Ya know? Ya dig it?

Well I'm pretty darn new to this here site, so the answer is probably an obvious one and I'm going to kick myself if it is. Until then, I'd gladly receive your input!

Well hello there!

2011-08-01 20:42:57 by SeventhTower

Totally new to this New Grounds thing. Became a member last night and, a few minutes ago, finally received a message saying I've been invited to the Art Portal. And I had no idea what that was going into this. . . haha. But, seeing how I have gotten myself situated a little more in place, I'd like to say HELLO! And I hope you enjoy my work! They'll be WAY more additions to come!

Enjoy and Destroy,
- F. D. Duarte